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Updated Zanobi Ref. by Nocturia Updated Zanobi Ref. by Nocturia
FULL VIEW AND READ THE ARTIST'S COMMENTS! All the information you need to know is there. Big file, sorry dial-uppers.

Updated Zanobi reference sheet. Despite a lot of the following description was copied and pasted from the last one, I did add a lot more onto his history and a bit onto his personality. I also added things such as his "Pixie Form" description and whatnot. Pretty much all the information you need to know is in the following. xD;;;;

I notice this is a roccuring thing with Zanobi. xD I am well aware his markings appear pink on a lot of people's monitors. While it doesn't particularly matter if you're doing digital art of him, I will stress that his markings are absolutely, positively, NOT pink. My monitor isn't LCD or anything like that, so it tends to darken things a lot... It's a crappy regular old monitor. The best way I can describe his red (which they are supposed to be) markings is it's like the color of red wine, where a hint of a pink color is evident, but really, not a lot at all. If you plan on doing traditional art of him, please ref off of the following pieces of him:
Zanobi by *seynadarkwolf. (I originally made Zanobi's colors with Prismacolor Verithins, and tried my best to ref off those colors while making his digital reference. So this is 100% right on with his intended color scheme.)
Nocturia Kiriban Gift by ~Rosiel-kun. (Probably the closest in relation to his reference sheet's red.)
Zanobi. - Resubmitted. by *Nocturia. (Again, used Verithins for this.)
If you need base colors for mediums I use traditionally, then here you go:
• Prismacolor Verithin Colored Pencils: Dark Brown, Tucsan Red, Black.
• Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils: Dark Brown, Raspberry (Tucsan red is too dark in this color), Black.
So if you have those mediums, you can use them as swatches to match your colors with. If not, then look at the traditional pictures and make a wild guess.

Name: Zanobi.
Nickname: Zano.
Name Meaning: "Scarcely alive."
Name Origin: Latin.
Age: Twenty-one. (Human years.)
Species: No one has any friggin' clue. (Looks to be a mix of a... Wolf, fox, horse, lizard, lynx, bird, bat, and fairy?)
Gender: Male.
Height (Anthro): 6'03".
Height (Quadruped): 4'05" at the highest point. (Which would be his head, excluding his ears.)
Build: Bulky, masculine.
Weight (Anthro): Unknown.
Weight (Quadruped): Unknown.
Weapon Of Choice: Chainsaw?
Personality: Zanobi is... Bizarre. That's the best way to describe him. Everything about him is bizarre. His markings, his likes, his dislikes... Bizarre. Zanobi is sadomasochistic, the sadism generally reigning over the masochism. He enjoys the feeling of pain when he is injured, and the feeling of having other injured. Because of this, Zanobi is practically immune to pain. He could have bullets flying through him, and he would keep going until a leg or two were shattered, or he was dead. Upon meeting Zanobi, you would notice he almost seems like he's drugged. Is he, really? No. It's just his nature to look like he had a few puffs of marijuana before going on with his business. Zanobi is very destructive, and enjoys breaking things; including his own bones. He is the type to bust into a fit of insane laughter when there isn't really any reason to. His mind is highly tainted when it comes to perverted intellections. He isn't necessarily morbid, just... Very perverted. He strives to make sure he gets laid every night. If he doesn't, he goes into a crybaby fit, and whines to all the women he knows, just begging them to do him. If he is unsuccessful, he will go into a dark place and curl up for a night to suppress his raging hormones. Zanobi likes yelling and hollering for no reason. Overall, he is a happy individual! In a very insane sort of way. On the downside, Zanobi suffers from Bipolar disorder. If something presses his buttons, his moods swing from his usual happy madness, to a fit of violence. He has been known to attack friend and foe alike, and has done quite some damage in the process. He has an uncanny ability to root out others’ deepest fears, which makes him all the more devastating when he is angry. His mind rots with the sick thoughts of death and decay, and he usually turns homicidal. If no one is around for him to take his anger out on, he will take it out on himself, or will go out his way to find someone to take it out on, preferring the former to the latter. Zanobi enjoys piercings, and usually gives himself new ones every so often. Zanobi also likes children (surprisingly), but it's sad to say children don't like him very much. Zanobi can be a friend, in an off sort of way. He can't comfort very well, but will do whatever he can to show those he actually considers pals he really does care. What he offers isn't... Always in the best interest, but he tries! Another one of Zanobi's quirks is he likes to run around shirtless, or with his shirt open (if it's a button-up). Zanobi has a strange, and perverted sense of honor, meaning that while he intentions may be good, his way of going about fulfilling those intentions is generally bad… Very bad. Overall, the odd creature is a good man at heart; he just lost his mind somewhere along the way and can't quite find it.
History: Zanobi doesn't know where he came from. Heck, he doesn't even know if he was born. All he remembers is waking up, in a hospital bed, head stitched closed. The only way he knows his first name is by the star-shaped dog tag that was hanging from his collar; no last name is known at the time. So, no name, no family history, no past… You’d be surprised at how easy this makes life. This carefree attitude continued all through his life, until one of the many nights spent club hopping went awry. A particular male, who held a grudge against Zanobi for ‘stealing his woman’ spiked one of his drinks while Zan was away, attending to some ‘business.’ Returning to his drink, Zanobi finished it off, and shortly after, began to feel a smidge woozy. Stumbling out into the back of the club, Zanobi let himself rest, while the male watched on from the shadows. Much to his dismay, Zanobi held a surprising tolerance to the drug, and the unknown male was forced to act while Zanobi was still conscious. Rounding up two other buddies, the trio ganged up on the drugged Zano… Big mistake. Zanobi, now thoroughly ticked for being jumped while he was completely ‘innocent,’ fought back, until the trio were sent to their graves. However, avenging himself by murdering didn’t quell his insanity, and back into the club he went, not to take a few drinks to cool his steaming head off, not to pick up a woman and take out his frustration on her, but to kill. Many were slain just by one male, and the massacre was known across the nation as the “Dream Club Murders”: the atrocity that lead Zanobi into becoming a swift-killing serial murderer, delighting in the suffering of others, and finding a new fascination in necrophilia and cannibalism. After the slayings, Zanobi limped his way onto the downtown boulevard, but no longer able to keep walking, he took shelter in a dark alleyway, stumbling into some tin trashcans. Caked in the blood of plenty, Zanobi’s pure white optics stared straight ahead of him, ranting and raving much as a lunatic should considering the situation. However, all thoughts ceased as his already impaired mind went black, shortly after feeling something prick the vein of his neck. A good thirty minutes passed, and things began to come into focus; first shades of black and gray, then hues of the greenest green Zanobi had ever seen, before finally… Two big glowing eyes staring at him in curiosity. It took a moment or two to register the poking and prodding he was receiving, which halted as Zanobi stirred completely. Unaware if he was being molested or abducted or some such nonsense that couldn’t be comprehended considering his size, Zanobi swiped a hand out at his ‘abductor.’ The strange, and very glowy jackal was sent flying into the wall, but to Zanobi’s astonishment, the jackal didn’t run away, but instead gave a giddy laugh and launched himself right back at him. A rather violent fight took place, and upon discovering this jackal’s blood was acidic, Zanobi’s masochism turned sadomasochistic, upon where he would risk getting precious flesh eaten away just to hit the jackal. Finally, things calmed down, and the two stare at each other for a long time. Zanobi could sense the jackal’s lack of mentality, much like himself, and just to make sure the other enjoyed the fight just as much as he did, Zanobi asked, “Good times, ‘ey?” The jackel nodded and smirked, “Affirmative.” It appeared as if he had a new friend… A new friend named Jakobi.
Zanobi’s Role In Jakobi’s Life: Zanobi is the dominant one of the duo that is Zanobi and Jakobi. His strength is unmatched, and near Godly, so when he needed to take out the day’s frustration, he would do so by attacking the disturbingly willing Jakobi. Just to "please" Zanobi however, Jakobi would do his best to put up a fight, and has, on an occasion, won. Zanobi, being more sadistic than masochistic, finds a great deal of arousing pleasure in hurting the weaker Jakobi. Surprisingly enough, as strange, and inhumane as these brawls may seem, these attacks serve to take out any lingering anger that Zanobi may have, to lessen his chance of going crazy and leaving on another killing spree. Jakobi takes any chance to help with open arms. Due to Jakobi’s willingness to help in ways that would send others screaming for the ‘ones in the white suits,’ Zanobi cherishes having Jakobi around, and does, indeed, consider him a true friend.

Fight Style:
It's no hidden secret that Zanobi's a fighter, and quite an effective one at that. Zanobi's mood and/or weapon of the moment usually dictates his fight style. Zanobi, being the kind to fight dirty, quite often uses blunt objects to hack away at, or beat into opponents. Some of his favorites are axes, hatchets, baseball bats (metal ones preferably), and his beloved chainsaw, which he affectionately named "Ol' Nelly." Zanobi will use guns, but he hates the thought of having an advantage using a long-range projectile, as that doesn't "effectively show his true potential" - more often than not, Zanobi will go in with a close-range weapon against someone who is using a gun, due to his extreme confidence in himself (with good reason.) However, Zanobi doesn't always use weapons, as he is quite comfortable with hand-to-hand combat. While not necessarily the most stealthy thing (he's quite easy to detect... Most of him lets himself be detected. He hates having the advantage of the surprise unless it's necessary, because... Again, it doesn't show his true potential), Zanobi holds more agility than his body seems to possess. His body is built strong and sturdy, yet flexible; like a tall object, built strong, yet with soft metal as to allow it to sway and not snap in harsh winds. (Look at stop lights on the road during a windy day. You'll see what I mean.) Still, his body is built more for strength than agility, so he has to work to keep his body both strong and flexible... And what better way than dancing? Zanobi is very good at freestyle, hip hop, and breakdancing, and has, in fact, incorperated the latter into his fight-fighting styles, making his moves a little less plain-jane and a bit more jazzy. Instead of using the tough, rigid attacks of a boxer, which is to be expected of him, he allows his body to stay lax and loose, giving his kicks and punches more turbulance, something like a martial artist. He claims it's much more "fun and comfortable to fight that way." When wielding a weapon, he is known to swing it in much the same way. (If you're confused at what exactly I mean... Look at this: [link] Perfect example.)

Character Colors:
First Color: Main coat color.
Second Color: Red markings.
Third Color: Black markings.
Fourth Color: Eye color.
Fifth Color: All the blackish flesh, including the inside of his mouth and pawpads.
Accessory Colors:
First Color: Light red in accessories.
Second Color: Black in accessories.
Third Color: Darker red in accessories.
Fourth Color: Silver in accessories.

Eyes Differences:
1. Normal.
2. Angry, agitated, annoyed, irritated, etc.
3. In a rage; insanity; homicidal.

Head Region: Strong snout. Red eyes, with a cat-like slit for the pupil. Long, pointed ears that are usually held back, but doesn't always have to be. Little tufts of fur adorn the tips of the ears, something like that of a Lynx. Similarly, his cheek fur is long and droopy like a Lynx's. Upon his ears, one could observe two small notches. This was caused from past piercings being ripped from his ears. Most of his piercings are on the face region, and include: one eyebrow piercing on each eyebrow, two piercings on each ear lobe, a single bridge piercing on his snout, a septum piercing on his nose, and spiderbite piercings on his lower lip (spiderbite is two piercings on the opposite sides of the lower lip, and a single labret piercing in the center of the lip. The labret piercing is usually a spiked stud, while the other two piercings can be a simple sphere stud, or hoops. Zanobi prefers studs over hoops, however.) Zanobi's hairtuft is long, parted on the left side and covers his right eye; the right side of the tuft is longer than the left. Inside Zanobi's ear, one could see a small flare of black ear fur. Inside his mouth, is a retractable tongue, much like a lizard's. It can very in lengths, and is pointed at the tip. In the center of the tongue, are three barbell-type piercings that run vertically up the middle, each separated about an inch apart. Inside the mouth, one could see the skin is not the natural fleshy pink, but instead a very dark shade of gray, proving his skin color is not pink, but instead an off-shade of black. (Thus the black tongue. Make sure to keep this in mind if you plan on showing the inside of his mouth.)
Neck Region: Zanobi is very fluffy around his neck tuft area. Also, the start of a spiked mane runs the length of his neck, onward to his spine. Around the stump of his neck, is some sort of collar; usually the black collar with spikes protruding from it. It is rare for him to not wear a collar. When he is feeling cold, or when he just wants to, he will also wear his scarf.
Torso: His body build is rather strong, and muscular. The thing to notice most about the torso region is the spiked mane, which continued from his neck, onward. It stops at the base of his tail. Two tailbone piercings, made up of barbell-style piercings, are located just before the base of his tail. Two wings, of various styles, sprout from his shoulder blades. Wings do not have to be drawn, but they are preferred. Sometimes, Zanobi will wear his black and red striped thermal.
Legs: Legs are strongly built. Upon his forearm's elbows, long tufts of fur are seen drooping. There is usually something on his arms/wrists; whether it just be the spiked wristbands, armwarmers, or fistnets.
Feet: The feet are adorned with black pawpads. Upon each digit, black claws are seen. These claws are retractable, like a feline's. On his hind feet, Zanobi has fur featherings.
Tail: Very long, fluffy tail. It's about two times the length of his body.

Pixie Form Description: Zanobi is actually known to have a "pixie" form, which is a smaller form of himself. This form comes around when Zanobi is feeling highly affectionate. (Affectionate, not sensual.) It is an unwilling transformation, thus why Zanobi is embarrassed about going steady with a female; that, and his swinger way of life is preferred. In pixie form, Zanobi lacks his tuft, has large eyes, lacks his claws, and his ears are perked forward. He always has his pixie wings in this stage, and can be held in the palm of an average sized hand.

Wings - Zanobi will almost always be seen with some sort of wings. They can be left out, but I would prefer it if you put at least SOME sort of wings on him. (That's why I made various styles, so people could pick one that was easiest.) Yes, he can fly with these wings, but only with the bird wings, and bat wings. (When they are in smaller scale, it means he is not flying.) Floating bat wings, floating bird wings, and fairy wings are just for show.
1. Bat wing. Three tones in color, and can range from a small wingspan of about 6'05" (too small to fly with. It's about the size of the bird wings in the picture), to a much larger wingspan of about 10'09", large enough to fly with.
2. Floating bird wing. It has a small spike protruding from it, and a swirl in the center. It is three toned. It is about 1'04" in length.
3. Floating bat wing. Small curl at the bottom, and also has a spike protruding from it. About the same length as the floating bird wing.
4. Fairy wings. Fairy wings are present while in "pixie form." They are three-toned, and can be connected, or not connected to his back.
5. Bird Wings. Three tones in color, and can range from a small wingspan of about 6'05" (too small to fly with. It's about the size of the wings in the picture), to a much larger wingspan of about 10'09", large enough to fly with. There is a black spike protruding from the arch of the wing. These are the wings he is normally seen with.

Clothes - Zanobi is known to be very fashionable. He almost has a feminine taste in clothing, though not quite. He likes stars a lot, along with stripes.
1. Black and red striped thermal. He would wear this in his anthro form, and in his quadruped form. It looks like it has a turtleneck, but heh... It doesn't. Ignore that. xD It's way off looking in that picture... It would cover most of his torso, to about his hips. The sleeves would run down his entire arm, and cover his paws slightly.
2. Black and red striped armwarmers. Would be worn on the forearm, starting from the center of the forearm, downwards to his paws, covering them slightly.
3. Fishnet armwarmers. Would be worn on his forearms, starting from just below the elbow, down his entire forearm, onto his paws, where the fishnet would hook between any two of his digits. (On a human hand, it would look something like this. Like the thumb, and pinky hole. Just since he doesn't have a thumb or a pinky... It will loop through any digit you decide.)
4. Black and red striped star scarf. Will wear it around his neck when he wishes. Lengths can vary.
5. Pyramid studded collar. Looks very similar to one of those pyramid studded belts. Example can be found here, except with two rows instead of three.
6. Black and red striped collar.
7. Black and red star collar.
8. Ball and chain necklace. Not very loose around Zanobi's neck. (It doesn't dangle very much.)
9. Dog bone and star dog tags. Can wear either of these on any one of his collars (and the ball and chain necklace). Doesn't need to have either of these on. Both have his name on them.
10. Spiked collar. Generally the default accessory for his neck area.
11. Spiked wristbands. Generally the default accessory for his wrist area.

How Zanobi Is My Male Fursona: Okay, he sounds nothing like me right? I don’t go around, killing people, I am not cannibalistic, mentally unstable, I don’t like hurting people, anything like that… So… Why is he a male fursona? Why does he represent the sinful side I don’t seem to have? The fact is… A lot of Zanobi’s personality is mine during my bad days. Am I as extreme as him? Certainly not. While my personality may be his, my actions and likes/dislikes are not. I would never even dream of going as far as him; that’s just added to give my character more… Erm… Character.
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